Mask: for Antoine Flahault, it can be removed when "the virus circulates extremely little"

The epidemiologist explained that it was possible to have some “agility” with the restriction measures, lifting them when virus circulation is low, and putting them back in the event of a rebound.

Covid-19 indicators continue to show a decrease in the circulation of the epidemic in France, and certain restrictions have been lifted, in particular the wearing of a mask in primary school in 68 departments. However, there is no question of extending the lifting of this restriction to everyone and everywhere, because the fear of a rebound is still present.

But for the epidemiologist Antoine Flahault, interviewed this Wednesday on BFMTV, “when the virus circulates extremely little on the territory, there is no great danger in not respecting the barrier gestures”, and “we know very well that if a rebound should come, we will resume these measures “.

“You should be careful”

If for the moment “there is no visible rebound” and France is “in a favorable situation”, “we must be careful, anticipate a possible risk of rebound this winter”, underlines the epidemiologist. For him it is necessary to adopt a certain “agility” in sanitary measures, which means lifting restrictions when the situation improves, and knowing how to put them back quickly in the event of a rebound.

This is already what France is trying to set up. Thus in Lozère, the incidence rate has increased very rapidly in recent days, the prefecture has therefore decided to reinstate the wearing of masks in places open to the public subject to the health pass.

“We have not yet eradicated the virus and it would be wrong to believe that the epidemic would be last to us” warned this Wednesday morning the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, recalling that despite the good figures, “we must remain vigilant” .

Salome Vincendon BFMTV reporter

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