Mask Singer 4: who was the star hidden under the Viking costume?

The investigation continues in Mask Singer. Six celebrities are still in the race, after the departure of the Dalmatian and the Pharaoh, and competed, this Tuesday, September 20, during the quarter-finals of the show. The Polar Bear, who managed to enter the competition last week, the Monkey, the Elephant, the Bride, the Knight, whom Internet users believe have unmasked, and the Turtle performed as a duo in order to hope to qualify for the semi-finals. While viewers thought they had discovered all the costumes for this season, two new characters have joined the program: the Viking and the Traffic Cone!

Some clues about the Viking have been revealed

The Viking came to lend a hand to Kev Adams, Chantal Ladesou, Vitaa and Jeff Panacloc, the show’s four investigators, who have already shone many times this season. Last year, Kendjji Girac and Anne Roumanoff disguised as a gorilla had already lent themselves to the game. But the singer had unfortunately been unmasked from the trailer for the program. This time, no indication has filtered on the identity of the newcomer. To help his future playmates recognize him, several clues have been revealed about the Viking. “Here I am again under a mask, it’s been a long time”he first said. “The stage, the TV, I know, but the role of investigator, it will be very new, even if I have already been a policeman”, did he continuei. “I hope to be up to it. Besides, I know from a reliable source that Vitaa, Chantal, Jeff and Kev are excellent. They already have everything going for them, but maybe I can enlighten them with my experience“, he concluded. The first names were immediately fused. Chantal Ladesou was thus thinking of Olivier Marshall.

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Investigators recognized the voice of the mystery guest

The Viking lent himself to the game and sang like the other celebrities, interpreting Let’s twist again. Hearing him sing, Jeff Panacloc, Kev Adams and Vitaa immediately recognized their guest of the day, indicating that it was a celebrity who had just participated in this season. Only Chantal Ladesou remained in the fog thinking it was Jean-Pierre Castaldi or Karl Zero. It was good to Francis Hustereliminated last week under the costume of the pharaoh.

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