Mass brawl in the NFL: Tom Brady freaks out and benefits from being sent off

Actually a common scene: wide receiver Mike Evans gets tackled and everyone joins in.  Only: No ball was involved here.

Actually a common scene: wide receiver Mike Evans gets tackled and everyone joins in. Only: No ball was involved here.Image: / USA TODAY Network

Philipp Kay Koppen

The Buccs suffered a “shoutout” in the last game between Tampa Bay and their division rivals New Orleans in December. Means: The team around NFL legend Tom Brady lost without a point. It was the first time in his career that this had happened to him.

When they met again on the second day of the current season, the embarrassment threatened to repeat itself. The Saints were 3-0 up until the break, and Tom Brady was visibly pissed off.

Brady smashes tablet through the coaching zone

With one or the other “underthrow” (a pass that was clearly too short), Brady himself had his share in the fact that things didn’t go that way. But even if he served his pass recipients in an exemplary manner, they dropped the balls. This drove Brady mad: Between two attacks on his offensive, he could be seen on the sidelines angrily smashing a tablet through the coaching zone.

His frustration was probably also evident for the opponent: with the score of 3:3 towards the beginning of the fourth quarter – after another unsuccessful attempt by Brady – Saints defender Marshon Lattimore threw him a few mocking words as he passed. Brady was visibly angry and went after the cornerback scolding.

Wild brawl: “Gentleman” Brady stays out and benefits

In the initially reserved scuffle, however, he was represented by his running back Leonard Fournette. Then suddenly Bucc’s receiver Mike Evans came running tackled Lattimore to the ground at full speed (between plays, mind you) and the wild brawl began.

Apparently all the players on the field got involved, all jumped in a heap and beat each other up. Except for Brady: The “gentleman” kept well away from the action and watchedhow the referees needed several minutes to solve the human knot again.

Shortly thereafter, Lattimore and Evans were “disqualified,” meaning they were sent off. That eliminated both the Bucs’ best pass receiver and the Saints’ best man-marker. Both teams were now forced to rely on no-name alternatives.

Here’s how Brady could turn it up: as soon as he got the ball back, he aimed for the right wing, where Lattimore had previously shown him the limits. In the remaining twelve minutes of the game, Brady led his offense to a touchdown and a field goal. His defense added a touchdown after an interception and the game was decided.

In the end, the Buccs won 20-10. With two wins from their first two games, the Florida team leads the NFC South early in the season.


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