Mass Effect as an Amazon TV series? A bad idea, according to former BioWare

According to a report launched by Deadline, Amazon would be close to making an agreement to produce a TV series based on Mass Effect, the famous Sci-Fi saga that has helped make BioWare one of the most important software houses in the gaming landscape.

David Gaider, lead writer of the three chapters of the Dragon Age series and now moved away from BioWare in 2016 after 17 years of collaboration, he commented on the story, saying that he is actually quite concerned about how the philosophy behind Mass Effect and the other role-playing sagas of the Canadian company could get lost within a sector that does not both the videogame one.

“I am relieved to know that the Mass Effect / Amazon deal is for a potential TV series and not a movie. Even so, the possibility (and the same goes for Dragon Age) makes me shiver a little‘, unlike many fans who seem… excited? For starters, Mass Effect and Dragon Age have a custom protagonist, which means the TV show will have to choose between a boy and a girl. Boom, from the start you just alienated a whole part of the fanbase who had their own hopes.

Secondly, those protagonists are meant to be a bit of one tabula rasa, that the player fills with his own decisions. It won’t work in a passive medium. So, suddenly, the protagonist will have his own personality, and his own story. It will be strange “.

Gaider then said to himself concerned about how companions might be treated, how some could be overlooked in favor of the narrative plot, and how the bond that is created between the player and them is fundamental to both Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Interactions with characters are the core of the BioWare sagas, as both the Mass Effect storyline and the Dragon Age storyline were, at best, useful. And I don’t say this in a derogatory way. The stories had to take the player into account. Interactivity was at the heart of it all, not the plot. What do you think of Gaider’s point of view?

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