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Mass protests again against the restructuring of the judiciary in Israel

In Israel today, for the eleventh weekend in a row, numerous people demonstrated against the planned restructuring of the judiciary, which would largely make the corrective function of the judiciary impossible. They accuse the government of conservatives, religious fundamentalists and right-wing nationalists of endangering the democratic control of the government by the courts. Therefore, the future of Israeli democracy is at stake.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party has accused the Supreme Court of being dominated by left-leaning judges who, for political reasons, meddle in areas beyond their jurisdiction. A trial is currently underway against Netanyahu himself over allegations of corruption.

President Isaac Herzog has called for the reform to be postponed and recently presented his own plan. However, this was rejected by Netanyahu. So far, Netanyahu has also been unmoved by international criticism – even from the USA, by far the most important ally. The rapidly deteriorating economic conditions, in particular capital flight and warnings from the stock exchange and the central bank, are slowly but surely putting the right-wing religious government under pressure.

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