Massa presents his Budget in Congress: when will it be dealt with and what position can Together for Change assume?

Next Wednesday, Sergio Massa will attend to present the 2023 Budget. Expectation due to the opposition’s willingness to negotiate

By Claudio Mardones

09/23/2022 – 8:20 p.m.

After the wreck of the Budget treatment last year, The opposition faces a dilemma: Yes accept the negotiations opened by the ruling party to comply with the agreed schedule to have an opinion within a month, or harden its position. There is also the fear of leaving the Executive’s hands free in an election year and leaving it without a budget would be a window for the victimization of the ruling party. In these margins moves the prior treatment of the national accounts plan for next year.

Economy Minister Sergio Massa will formally inaugurate this process this Wednesday in the Budget and Finance Commission chaired by Carlos Heller. He was scheduled to attend in early November, but he moved up the visit because this week’s preliminary negotiation went well. This Tuesday the presidency of the Lower House, Cecilia Moreau, met with all the block leaders to define an agenda and prevent a repeat of last year’s delay.

The Government seeks to avoid the delay of the 2023 Budget

Project 2022 entered on September 15, 2021 but the then minister Martín Guzmán went to defend the text on December 13, two months later. The late assistance was read by a sector of JxC as the interest of the ruling party not to have a budget approved by Congress, but that feeling changed over the days until the fine thread of the negotiation began. Some maintain that if those exchanges that were truncated had been made a month earlier, the story would be different.

With this premise, Moreau put into play the first negotiation card that the ruling party has: order the debate and offer signs of relaxation to discuss the games with time and with information. The main opposition interbloc intended to demand the assistance of all or most of the Cabinet, but finally They accepted that there be officials more linked to the execution of the Budget.

For this reason, the ministers Claudio Moroni (Labor), Alexis Guerrera (Transportation), Gabriel Katopodis (Public Works) will attend. Other bags could be added, but that group will parade through the Commission after Massa begins the exhibitions together with the secretaries most involved with the management of the chart of accounts. Starting next week, Raúl Rigo (Treasury), Eduardo Setti (Finance), José de Mendiguren (Production), Juan José Bahillo (Agriculture) and Flavia Royón (Energy) will go. The three ministers without portfolio from the economic area will also be present: Carlos Castagneto, head of AFIP, Guillermo Michel, from Customs, and Fernanda Raverta from ANSeS.

Budget 2023: when would it be

Only a week has passed since the text with the detail of all the items for the National State was entered and there is a schedule that aims to have a committee opinion at the end of October and a session for try it in early November. A totally different postcard from last year that already added some unexpected negotiating gestures by the opposition.

The block of Deputies of Together for Change would support the 2023 Budget

The block of Deputies of Together for Change would support the 2023 Budget presented by the Government.

This is the case of the national deputy Emiliano Yacobitti, from the Radical Evolution bloc, who used his Twitter account to anticipate his possible support for an eventual approval of the Budget. “After analyzing the law, we emphasize, in the first instance, that the macroeconomic variables are more reasonable than those presented in the previous Budgetwhich would make it possible for us to have general approval,” wrote the legislator who has also been vice-rector of the University of Buenos Aires for three months.

“In the next few days we will begin to listen and debate the guidelines of the Budget Law presented by the National Government. This project is fundamental to have clear and precise guidelines of the expenses and resources projected for the next year. The serious crisis we are going through forces us, more than ever, to be prudent and analyze every detail of the law responsibly,” added Yacobitti and then added another wink. “We highlight the vocation that the Government has had to inform and explain the preparation of the Budget. Minister Massa will speak on the 28th of this month and later the different officials will do so,” he stressed.

The statement anticipates that A sector of the 12-seat bloc led by Rodrigo De Loredo from Cordoba could provide support for the 2023 Budget. The position is not common and happens when the JxC interblock has not yet had a meeting to analyze the whole text.

The UCR bloc has been divided since last December between the 12 of Evolución Radical and 33 seats that are part of the organic space of the party led by Mario Negri. Yacobitti in this first pronouncement would be reinforcing his second role as vice-rector of the UBA, at a time when all universities are focused on next year’s budget.

The departure for the UBA is almost 122,000 million pesos for next year and it would be a preview of the behavior that different opposition representatives will begin to have due to their territorial or university responsibilities.

The same thing can happen with the legislators who respond to Governor Gerardo Morales of Jujuy, head of the UCR. The public gesture of the radical deputy, who leads Buenos Aires radicalism together with national senator Martín Lousteau and former minister and businessman Enrique “Coti” Nosiglia, confirms that the negotiations between the Treasury and each sector have already begun and they will speed up as soon as Massa steps back into the Chamber he led until recently.

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