Massacre in Celaya: They shoot at a clandestine bar and leave 8 dead

This Friday night there was another armed attack in CelayaGuanajuato, when an armed commando entered a clandestine bar in the city and opened fire on several people and ended up killing eight people in a slaughter.

It was in the community of San José El Nuevo where everything happened, while the neighbors heard the detonations of weapons, they called the 911 to report it so that the authorities would attend to the matter.

Once at the scene of the events, the police found several people with perforations in the body from a firearm, before which they called medical assistance to treat the people who were still alive.

When checking the deaths, the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Celaya (SSCC) She was in charge of disclosing the data of the massacre in the bar, where nothing is known about those responsible for the attack.

Give number of wounded

The authorities surrounded the city

Likewise, the local authorities managed to find people alive in the bar facilities, where 5 survivors were found with gunshot wounds, for which they were transferred to the nearest hospitals.

What is not known is the identity of the people who survived or their state of health and how serious they are after the shooting, but the authorities have established a fence around the place to prevent further attacks.

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Celaya massacre in May

During May there was another similar attack

During the month of May 2022, a similar attack occurred near a bar in the Hotel Gala, where 15 gunmen from the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel arrived at midnight and opened fire.

On that occasion they murdered 12 people, and threw Molotov cocktails, while they opened fire on hotel clients and workers, as well as people who were just passing by.

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