Massive asteroid will pass very close to earth this weekend

The Center for Near Earth Object Studies at the POT reported that this weekend, the Earth will take place an astronomical event that allows you to witness the passage of an asteroid at a very long distance close to the planet.

The space rock 2022 OE2, belonging to the Apollo group, will pass at a distance of approximately 5.15 million kilometers of the airspace. It is estimated that its size reaches 170 to 380 meters, measures that exceed five times the monument of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

However, NASA explained that since the distance at which the celestial body will pass is greater than the distance between the Moon and Earth, this object does not represent no threat to the planet.

According to the renowned space agency, the fact that an asteroid hits the Earth is very unlikely, however, one of the concerns for later years is the passage of the asteroid Apophis which has a size of 335 meters and is expected to pass on April 13, 2029 and its presence will trace various space lines.

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