Master Chief pees well in his jumpsuit while he saves the world

The Halo Infinite single-player campaign will be available on December 8. It is on this date that we will finally be able to discover the new adventures of the Master Chief. While he spends his time saving the world, many players nonetheless wonder how he goes about relieving a pressing urge. And it is via our colleagues from Polygon that we finally have the answer to this question.

No pee break for the Master Chief

In the 2011 book Halo: Glasslands, ODST Sergeant Mal Geffen talks about his armor with the Spartan Naomi-010. It is then that we learn that the Mjolnir armor is designed to process and recycle urine into drinking water. In other words, the Master Chief therefore urinates well in his suit when he is on the battlefield.

Karen Traviss, the author of Halo: Glasslands, explains that she prefers to base her work on small details and that she has to know what her characters are feeling.

Since everything I write is motivated by the characters I create (or develop), I need to know what it feels like in their head. […] and the little details like their daily routine are part of building that feeling, even though they never show up on the page.

The worst is the smell

As to what happens to the big commission, the Master Chief does not have time to ask himself the question. In contrast, Frank O’Connor, Creative Director at Microsoft, explained that odor was still a problem and the Major frequently smelled bad.

These questions are also taken seriously in the universe of the series.

He can stay in his armor for days and days on a mission and never get out of it. We had to create a fiction about whether the Master Chief could take off his armor on his own or if he could do it with a simple help. […] If we are in a properly equipped spaceship, the armor can be put on and taken off – and most importantly, cleaned and air-conditioned.

Frank O’Connor also specifies that “everything Chief secretes during a normal day” is in the suit and is recycled by capillary action fed by the movement of the Spartan’s body.

We are therefore reassured, or not, to know that everything remains in the major’s suit in order to allow him to be as effective as possible in combat.

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