MasterChef Celebrity: This is the one eliminated from November 20

MasterChef Celebrity It is already close to its final stretch, so the participants feel more and more pressure to avoid mistakes and leave the competition. That is why the tension in the kitchen was on the surface.

And it is that in this episode we could see how the participants put into his plan to eliminate Nadia is underway, and in this episode we could see Mauricio Mancera declare war on him from the beginning of it, revealing their rivalry in the kitchen.

as we told you in The Truth Newsthe participants are not happy with Nadia’s return to the reality show, so they have created a plan to eliminate her as soon as possible, however the participants had to give their all to avoid being eliminated.

Mauricio and Nadia fight in MasterChef

In the first challenge of the night, the participants had to devein chili peppers to gain an advantage in the next challenge, Mauricio being the winner by correctly deveining 10 chili peppers, thus gaining the advantage of choosing which dish everyone would cook in the next challenge.

The theme of the second challenge of the night was that of caldos levanta muertos, that is, food made to “cure hangovers”, for which the participants had to prepare stew, mole de olla, seafood broth, birria, meat in its juice , belly and pozole.

However, the participants would not cook alone but would have the help of their friends and family, but since anything can happen in the most famous kitchen in Mexico, the contestants were limited to giving orders while their loved ones were the ones who executed.

In this challenge, the most interesting dishes turned out to be Nadia’s, who presented a stew, Marcello, who excelled with a seafood soup, and Arturo, who wowed the judges with his spectacular belly that earned him the opportunity to climb onto the balcony and the chance to form the teams for the next challenge.

In the next phase of the program, the contestants played three passes to the balcony, so Arturo had to choose the members of two teams, Marcello, Ale Ávalos and Mauricio Mancera being one team, while the other would be Ricardo, Nadia and Karla Sofia.

When everyone was preparing for a traditional team duel, Tatiana indicated that this phase would be a series of 1 vs. 1 duels, where each team member would choose who they wanted to face off against, in an important and difficult challenge since the contestants had to develop a ice cream and a brownie, cookie or cupcake.

Despite having 3 minutes in the market, Marcello and Karla forgot important ingredients for making their preparations, Marcello forgot the eggs, while Karla forgot the butter, so this first duel was difficult to evaluate; despite everything Marcello managed to score the first point.

In the second duel Ricardo and Ale presented a half-made ice cream that put them in complications, however Loba’s cupcake was enough to tie the score, so everything would be defined in the last duel.

For the third, the fight between Nadia and Mauricio that began from the first minutes of the program had its expected confrontation, both risked their permanence and that of their respective teams, however Mau’s perfect ice cream ended up defeating Nadia and condemned her together Karla and Ricardo to the elimination challenge.

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Who is eliminated from Master Chef?

Karla had trouble preparing for one of the hardest-fought eliminations on the show.

In an elimination challenge that was too complicated for the participants, they had to make a mousse accompanied by spices, so everyone had to choose a secret box with the type of chili that they would have to add to a chocolate mousse.

That was how Nadia ended up with the habanero pepper, while Karla with the guajillo pepper, Ricardo with the morita. However, Lorena Herrera also joined the participants who wanted to save themselves from her and have one more program, since a family problem kept her from being able to perform during the first part of the program and she ended up having to add chipotle chili to her preparation.

However, the challenge was not easy at all and Nadia had some mishaps when she had to melt her chocolate again due to a bad technique, while another of those who had a hard time was Karla Sofía who first began to melt the chocolate in a frying pan and then his cream did not come out so he had to repeat both preparations wasting valuable time.

While Ricardo suffered while making his mousse with a cream that was cut and Lorena faced some technical problems. Therefore, when presenting RIcardo, he was criticized for presenting a mousse with no chili or chocolate flavor.

For her part, Lorena presented a good preparation but without a taste of chili, for her part, against all odds, Karla managed to get out of the challenge by presenting a mousse that lacked sweetness but did taste spicy and chocolate, but Nadia presented a deficient mousse that she did not achieve. convince the judges and that earned him his departure from the most famous kitchen in Mexico.

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