Mati Fernández puts Joan Cruz as one of the 2 promises in Chile

Matías Fernández talks to the media very few times, but this time he was the exception and visited the Instagram Live of Juvenal Olmos, Marcelo Toby Vega and Claudio Bichi Borghi.

On the 14th of Los Blancos he spoke of everything, of his current situation, of his beginnings in Colo Colo, of the Chilean team, of what is coming in retirement, his dreams and players to take into account in the future.

It is precisely at this end point that we want to stop since Matías Fernández gave two names to follow, one of them is a current Colo Colo player. It is about the talented Joan Cruz.

“I like Joan Cruz. He faces, he goes forward, he is skillful. I like how Marcelino Nuñez plays. He hits the ball well. They are two players that I like a lot. I hope they are focused, professional and represent us well in the Selection”, he expressed.

Finally, he also detailed his best moments in his football life. “Playing in Colo Colo, which was my dream, and the 2015 Copa América title. That will never be forgotten”, he sentenced.

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