Mati Fernández reveals an unpublished anecdote in his first massive test

Matías Fernández is one of the last idols of the club and he did not have a very good start from Colo Colo. Today he is at Deportes La Serena with a great present and scoring goals, as he was accustomed to us.

The 14 de los Blancos is not much to talk to the press, however, he was encouraged to take part in an Instagram Live with Claudio Borghi, Juvenal Olmos and Marcelo Toby Vega.

This is precisely where Matías Fernández revealed an unpublished anecdote in his early days with Colo Colo. You have to go back to your first massive test. You will not believe what happened.

“I used to play in La Calera, but they invited me from San Luis to play in a championship in the south. I don’t know what stage we reached, but we faced the greats. When I returned, they called me from the three teams. As I liked Colo Colo, I went there “, began with his story.

The story is worth telling and the same 14 of the Blanco made it clear that he does not know how it was in Colo Colo. Here’s the reason.

“I went to a test and passed out, because I hadn’t had breakfast. With all my nerve, and because we had traveled early. (Marcelo) Espina’s father arrived and told me ‘you stayed’. I didn’t know why, if I had passed out (laughs) “, sentenced.

The 14 of the Whites

A story that was not known and adds to the many anecdotes that one of the most relevant Colo Colo players must have in these last 20 years.

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