Mati Zaldivia trolls Torta Opazo for a photo with Parraguez

The good atmosphere in Colo Colo is noticeable on social networks and the players are in charge of manifesting themselves in the same photos that they upload in each colocolino triumph this season.

Post-match photos are already a tonic on Instagram, but the comments between Colo Colo players are also a constant, some funnier than others, but all with the good vibes that are shown on the court.

Yesterday, after beating Deportes Antofagasta 2-0, Óscar Opazo shared several images on his Instagram account, one of them with Javier Parraguez, the forward who returned to add minutes with the Cacique.

One of the many comments on the photo of Opazo was from Matías Zaldivia, who decided to trolley that image already mentioned with the following comment. “Did you take a picture with the VAR TV?

The defender’s comment drew laughter from several Instagram users, but also from the former Santiago Wanderers himself. The good vibes reign in Colo Colo after the great results.

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