Matías Fernández is sent off after four minutes on the court

A journey that you will not want to remember is the one lived by steering wheel and idol of Colo Colo, Matías Fernández, this Monday, August 30, defending Sports La Serena, given that he was sent off for the second time in his Chilean soccer career.

Matigol entered at 50 minutes on the defeat suffered by the papayeros against Curicó Unido 2-0 to replace Matías Cortés and four minutes later he was sent off for a strong tackle against player Diego Urzúa.

Pelusa and the entire garnet squad went to complain against the referee Benjamin Saravia did not change his decision and did not even need to go to the VAR, since unfortunately, the plate had been very evident.

This is the second expulsion that Matías has suffered in Chilean football, since the first had been on November 10, 2004 when he defended Colo Colo. At that time the Cacique they lost 1-0 to Coquimbo Unido and Fernández was sent off by Rubén Selman in the 74th minute.

With the expulsion, Fernández will miss the game against Universidad de Chile corresponding to the date 20 of the National Championship and he must await the punishment that the ANFP Disciplinary Tribunal will give him.

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