Matilda Boza’s pregnancy happiness – how she hid the secret!

The TV4 profile Matilda Boza revealed during Friday’s News Morning that she is expecting a child!

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During Friday’s episode of Nyhetsmorgon, viewers got a real and wonderful surprise.

The presenter Sofia Geite, 40, revealed that the popular newscaster Matilda Boza, 30, is pregnant!

– Look, there are four of us sitting around the table, although there are actually five, Sofia said and continued:

– How about Matilda, you have something to tell, don’t you?

Matilda then told that she is expecting her first child together with her husband. In the stomach lies a little son who is “half-baked”.

Matilda told us about the wonderful news live!

Photo: Screenshot TV4

This is how Matilda Boza hid her pregnancy

The presenter has kept the pregnancy a secret for almost five months, which may not have been easy given that she works in television.

But whoever looks closely at Matilda’s Instagram can notice that she had a special trick.

In the vast majority of pictures, Matilda is wearing airy blouses and dresses. She has also worn garments with a lot of pattern, which is also usually an effective way to hide a baby bump.

But after the revelation in Nyhetsmorgon, Matilda instead chose to show off her stomach with a picture on Instagram!

“Baby Boza #halfway,” she captioned the photo.

Colleagues’ nice words after Matilda Boza’s pregnancy revelation

In the comments section below the picture, Matilda’s colleagues, friends and followers have sent in congratulations and best wishes.

“Wonderful!!! Congratulations to the whole family!”, writes colleague Henrik Alsterdal.

“But god what fun!!! Congratulations!!!”, writes Anna Brolin.

“Baby Boza!”, writes Tilde de Paula.

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