Matinee on June 12 22

For the 60th anniversary of the association last year, the Nenzing men’s choir unfortunately had to forego all celebrations due to Corona and was also unable to hold its spring concert.

Choir director Patrick Honeck and his singers were all the more pleased that they were once again able to welcome friends and fans to the beautifully decorated Ramschwag Hall. And there the men’s choir was able to audibly surprise the numerous visitors with songs by the Comedian Harmonists, among other things. A feast for the eyes and ears again the performance of the Landeskinderchor Vlbg. with choir director Viktoria Türtscher. The children aroused great enthusiasm in the hall for their perfectly performed songs such as “Feel the Rhythm”, “If you’re happy” , “Uf da Berga” and other great songs. But the singing group “WALGAUstimme” was once again able to contribute a great deal to the success of this men’s choir matinee with their wide-ranging song repertoire. Experienced as always, Hannes Hackl led through this morning. With funny poems he was able to entertain the visitors between the singing blocks. After the concert, this successful event ended comfortably with a chat with the singers.

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