Matthieu Delormeau threatened with death: he tells his daily “fear” in TPMP (VIDEO)

If he is one of the leading columnists of Do not touch My TV, Matthieu Delormeau is also the one who has had the most hate on social networks. This November 24, he once again delivered a striking testimony …

Unfortunately, this is a situation that has become all too common. For several years now, many personalities have been the targets of hate messages on social networks. Worse still, sometimes death threats are heard. This is the experience that is going on right now Christine Kelly, presenter of Facing the info on CNews. While the journalist was invited to the TPMP set to talk about it, other columnists also wanted to share their personal experiences. As Matthieu Delormeau. Back in TPMP since last September, the columnist had already left the show following, among other things, too much criticism of him on social networks.

“You live in a kind of terror”

Today, the wound has not quite healed. Already a victim of homophobia, Matthieu Delormeau has, this season, taken the wrath of malicious Internet users after his remarks “on yellow vests or even on Bilal Hassani not very long ago“. “The violence it creates is mind-blowing, and yes it changes your life“he lamented in TPMP. A violence such as Matthieu Delormeau now lives with a feeling of”fear“which has direct consequences on his daily life.”You live in a kind of terror that before did not exist at all (…) we live differently“he blurted out, explaining how he could panic in otherwise mundane situations.

Matthieu Delormeau has taken a radical decision

Over time, the columnist of C8 has developed habits. Like going around his home several times on the way home to be sure that no one has followed him, or always checking that the doors of the parking lot he is entering by car are turning behind him. But that’s not all, since Matthieu Delormeau admits to having armed himself. “I had a taser in my car, a gas… But it’s not me again, I don’t know how to use that, I think I wouldn’t even dare, I’m going to panic! And yes I have a gun with me all the time, All the time ! So these are not guns, but there you go …“he confessed on the set of TPMP.

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