Maud Baecker (DNA): her photo in Eve’s outfit melts Cécilia Cara and her fans

On her Instagram account, actress Maud Baecker revealed herself in Eve’s outfit, the result of a professional photo shoot. What to melt the singer Cécilia Cara and internet users.

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While the series tomorrow belongs to us is deprogrammed on TF1 for one month during the 2022 World Cup from this Monday, November 21, Maud Becker, the interpreter of the nice Anna, the sister of Chloé (Ingrid Chauvin) and companion of Karim (Samy Gharbi), lets loose on her Instagram account followed by more than 175,000 subscribers. At the beginning of November, the actress warmed hearts by posing in lingerie. She then appeared in a black bodysuit, sitting on a leather armchair.

“You are beautiful”

The actress decided to go even further to break her image. she posted a new black and white photo by director François Berthier in which she is completely naked. Barely published, this shot made her friend Cécilia Cara and Internet users react. “Magnificent artistic nude”, “Very beautiful and photo very well taken without pornographic character”, “Very beautiful photo, he is an excellent photographer”, “Too beautiful photo”, “You are magnificent”, “Just sublime”, commented his fans.

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Portrait of Maud Baecker

Maud Baecker was trained in two conservatories in Paris and followed several courses in theater and comedy. On television, the public could see him in Profiling and in the TV movie The Death of Augustus. In 2016, she shot in three films: Ladies, by Anne-Gaëlle Daval, The girls of Reimsby Julien Hallard, and I’m betterby Jean-Pierre Améris. Maud Baecker has also acted in numerous short films and plays. On the boards, she has been part in recent years of The wolfby Daniel Colas with Gaël Giraudeau, and the play The Circle of Illusionists, directed by Alexis Michalik. With the success of Tomorrow belongs to us, we could see it later in Love at first sight in Andalusia on TF1, in The (almost) perfect love on France 2 and The mystery of the choir on France 3. More recently, she played Alexia Daval in The Daval Mystery.

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