Mauricio Vila launches mental health strategy in Yucatan

In order to address issues related to the mental health, the governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal presented the program ‘Together and together for the mental health of Yucatan’.

At the Siglo XXI Convention Center, the state president launched the scheme with which it is intended to help the population or provide accompaniment in difficult situations or emotional crises in a discreet, respectful and confidential manner.

in said event The formation of councils and municipal brigades that will provide care to the Yucatecans was contemplated.

Mauricio Vila launches mental health strategy in Yucatan

The Program started years ago but was paused due to the pandemic.

It is worth mentioning that the state president stated that this strategy was created years ago, however due to the health emergency caused by the coronavirus, the project was put on hold and efforts were directed to other health issues.

During his speech, Vila Dosal urged city councils throughout the state to join this strategy by forming their council and their mental health brigade.

Similarly, he called for everyone to change the root issue for a better, healthier Yucatan and where all families can live in peace.

Mauricio Vila Strategy

Mauricio Vila launches mental health strategy in Yucatan

The Governor presented the strategy.

The strategy presented yesterday is based on five pillars, which are:

The municipal mental health councils, which are the institutional bodies in charge of coordinating efforts within this plan in coordination with the Yucatan Ministry of Health (SSY).

The prevention, promotion, detection and referral brigades that will bring mental health to all municipalities. There are 116 brigadistas grouped into 7 groups that have served 4,447 people, Tekax being the first municipality to create the brigade locally.

screening through of the ‘MeMind’ application, a comprehensive platform that provides specialized guidance so that experts can learn more about emotional health in a friendly, fast and simple way.

Another pillar is code 100, which is a medical support system that helps to make a better evaluation of people with attempted or at risk of suicide and choose the most appropriate treatment, because given the increase in cases worldwide, actions need to be taken. prevention measures and timely care by health personnel.

Mauricio Vila launches mental health strategy in Yucatan

The strategy includes the use of technologies.

Finally, there is the MHGAP training, which is an educational strategy developed by the WHO and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) that aims to train health and community personnel in the identification, care and referral of people with alterations of Mental health and its causes.

With these five strategies, the government of Mauricio Vila Dosal seeks to provide Yucatecan society with a better quality of life in terms of mental health and reduce the risk of suicide in the state.

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