Maxi Falcón reserved in the Uruguayan national team

Maximiliano Falcón received good news on Friday, since joined the list of 30 reserved foreign soccer players for the Uruguayan national team facing the triple date of Qualifiers to Qatar 2022 next October.

“The Uruguay Technical Corps reserved 30 soccer players from abroad for the next triple date of the Eliminatory, where Uruguay will face Colombia (7/10) at home and Argentina (10/10) and Brazil (14/10) from visit”, reported the official site of the AUF.

Falcón accompanied the defenders in his post Diego Godín, José María Giménez, Sebastián Coates, Ronald Araujo and Yonathan Rak. In addition, the presence of the stars Luis Suárez and Edinson Cavani stands out up front.

“Training will begin on Monday, October 4 at the Celeste Complex, so a few days before that date, Oscar Tabárez will define the final squad to face these three games. If there are local players summoned, the summons will be made at that time “, concluded the statement from Uruguayan lands.

The Uruguayan team at the moment is third way to Qatar 2022 with 15 points, nine behind Brazil and three points from Argentina. It is only two lengths above Colombia, a cast that is fifth occupying the repechage position.

The 30 reserved from abroad in Uruguay for the triple date of October. | Photo: AUF.

This news for Colo Colo could be taken as “bad”, since, if Falcón integrates the definitive list of Tabárez, we will lose it by several parties of the National Championship. If the name of the Wig is added that of Gabi Costa in Peru, they would already be two fewer headlines for Gustavo Quinteros.

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