Maximiliano Falcón already beats the Superclásico

From today until September 26, everything that comes is Superclásico and, despite the fact that there are two weeks to go before that game, the players and the fan are already palpitating the important duel.

The most important meeting of Chilean football will be played at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium, the venue where the University of Chile is playing as a venue due to the absence of the National Stadium.

One of the great figures of this Colo Colo is Maximiliano Falcón, who won the title and today there is no one to take him out of there. In conversation with Al Aire Libre on Radio Cooperativa he anticipated the classic.

“These games are beautiful because people play them with us on the pitch and that makes it even more beautiful”, expressed El Peluca, who does not know of defeats against Universidad de Chile.

Maximiliano Falcón and his second Superclásico

Finally he added that, “We are training at full capacity every day, there is good competition and there is a winning mentality. We are going step by step, we become champions of the Chile Cup and everything that is played in this club must be fought. We are going for the Championship.”

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