Maximiliano Falcón and the option of Gustavo Quinteros in the Chilean National Team: “He has the capacity to do it, but I think he is happy in Colo Colo”

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The ANFP is looking for a DT to take on the new process of the Chilean National Team. Thus, Gustavo Quinteros is the main card for the Federation.

“He has the ability to do it, but I think he is happy in Colo Colo”
© image file“He has the ability to do it, but I think he is happy in Colo Colo”

The Chilean National Team is looking for a coach who can take charge of the technical direction. Although the main candidate was Eduardo Coudet, the financial problems of the Federation made this option drop.

In this way, a new candidate immediately emerged. And the man is in the same country. This is Gustavo Quinteros, who has all the characteristics that the board of the Chilean Football Federation wants, in addition to meaning a lower cost.

The problem, yes, is that the DT wants to fulfill his contract with Colo Colo. For the same reason, one option that is being considered is that, for a time, he can lead La Roja and the Cacique. Thus, this Wednesday will be a key day in the future of the Bolivian Argentine.

And about the ANFP’s interest in having Quinteros, Maximiliano Falcón was consulted. After the Copa Chile draw, the Wig referred to this possibility of being left without DT in a surprising way.

“As a coach, stability for a long time in a team is more complicated. Out there, the players have longer-term contracts. Gustavo (Quinteros) got it. You have to see all the options, out there it is going spectacular and everyone is happy. This is how it is, football is results, more so in a national team”, the Charrúa began by saying.

In addition, the albo player pointed out that “has the ability to do itperhaps the question can be answered more by him, but I think that he has found stability in Colo Colo and I think he is happy”.

“There is a lot of stability in Colo Colo today, he is in the lead for a long time and heor has done very well. I don’t know if she would lose a lot or a little, we have felt comfortable, we hold her hand and a change always takes time to oil. He will have to decide it ”, closed the former Rentistas.

This Wednesday, directors of the ANFP and Francis Cagigao will meet with Gustavo Quinteros to talk and learn about the conditions for the coach of Colo Colo to become the DT of La Roja.

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