May 11 we celebrate the Argentine National Anthem Day

The Day of the Argentine National Anthem is celebrated every May 11 in commemoration of the date on which the Assembly of the XIII year sanctioned as an Anthem the patriotic march that had lyrics by Vicente López and Planes and music by Blas Parera.

The Argentine National Anthem was born as “Patriotic March”, a version that underwent changes throughout its history, both in its title and in its lyrics. It was first called “Patriotic March”, then “National Patriotic Song” and later “Patriotic Song”.

Today the Argentine National Anthem is performed on national dates and before any renowned act, it lasts 3:51 minutes and is the song that represents our country.

One hundred and twenty years after its creation, the artist’s version of Charlý García arrived. Controversial as from its origins, the National Anthem in the arrangement of the musician, is, as his work always is, the fusion between the excellence of the classical and the avant-garde.

In the early morning of May 25, 1990, in the middle of an intimate show that he was giving, and in the context in which the artist was preparing his album “Cheap Philosophy and Rubber Shoes”, he is tempted by Patricio Peralta Ramos, to play in I live in the middle of that concert nothing less than the National Anthem.

This is how the version that we can enjoy today of the artist is born and that is usually shown at 00:000 on, for example, Radio Mega 98.3, destined to show Rock Nacional.

But in addition to Charly, other great figures of our music also made everyone’s anthem their own and contributed their versions.

Among which are that of the artist Mercedes Sosa; “what is recorded is for life” said the great artist from Tucumán who recorded on her memorable album of duets, Cantora, the Patriotic March, which significantly at the same time was the first song she sang on her return from exile; or version of Loneliness in his “Vivo en Arequito” where he captured his gloss in the context of the 165th anniversary of the death of General José de San Martín.

The Airbag band also usually plays the Anthem in each of its concerts, generating in each encounter with the public a beautiful communion united by nothing more and nothing less than the national song of our country.

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