Mayer denies the president of Cali and talks about what happened with Teófilo

Deportivo Cali’s coach, Mayer Candelo, spoke with the Carousel Snail about what happened with the footballer Theophilus Gutierrez which ended with the striker not being called for the game against Envigado for date five of the Colombian League.

In turn, the former player and now coach denied the version of events that he gave to The Lengthen the president of the institution Luis Fernando Mena, in which he referred to a lack of communication.

Nothing has happened. There is a discipline and a work order, where the players have to respect it, they are the conditions that we have put in place so that everything goes well, that has been what has been handled since I arrived. I handed over control to the three captains so that they could govern the ship and the difficulties they had, they could decide for me, but it was going to be based on the respect and discipline that we have, which is to comply with what is agreed. There were differences, the agreements were not fulfilled and we made the decision that was at the time“Mayer commented about it before the game against Millonarios for date six.

On what was said by the president of the club, he said: “None of that is true. TWe have agreements and codesIt was a commitment we made with him that no one else was going to know, that’s why I haven’t gone out to talk about what I talk about with my players. The realities are different I’m not going to tell because it’s something mine and hiswhere I think he did not comply with me, but that does not mean that it is not important, he is in the concentration, only that he is going to have to measure himself in the agreements that we have and fulfill them because he knows what could happen in case he does not fulfill them”

“They have the advantage that I was a player and I recently retiredI was touched by three generations and the ease of knowing the generations, I know the thoughts of those of today and I have always opened the doors, there will always be freedom, as long as they are handled with respect to get what we want”, he added to the regard.

Regarding the determination he had for the game against Envigado not to call Teófilo Gutiérrez for the match, he pointed out: “I do not punish anyone, I am not their father. I am just the coach where there is a discipline that must be respected, an order of life that must be carried out, my idea is that everything agreed be fulfilled, from them to me and from the coaching staff to them, I have fulfilled them, we only need to achieve results to make this go better. There is no problem with him or with other players, or with managers.”

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