Mayhem! – ZDF commissioner hit his ex with a plastic bottle

A police officer on ZDF, a case for the judiciary in real life.

Karim Günes (35) has played the tough but charming detective Karim Uthman in the “Stralsund” thriller since 2016. In his private life, he doesn’t seem to be too strict about the law.

Two years ago, as the Berlin-Tiergarten District Court found, he hit his girlfriend at the time, the young actress Krista Tcherneva (22, “Polizeiruf 110”), with a plastic bottle in Paris.

According to BILD information, Günes has now been sentenced to a fine of 10,000 euros by the Berlin-Tiergarten district court.

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In the “Stralsund” crime thriller, Günes plays alongside Katharina Wackernagel (43)Photo: ZDF and Georges Pauly

Judge Lisa Jani, spokeswoman for the Berlin criminal courts, confirms this when asked by BILD: “On November 8, 2021, the Tiergarten district court sentenced Karim G. to a fine of 200 daily rates for deliberate bodily harm in unity with coercion to the detriment of co-plaintiff Krista T. fined 50 euros each. ”

Regarding the incident, she continues: “This is an attack at the end of October 2019 in an apartment in France. Insofar as he had also been accused of having acted violently against other former friends in 2016 and 2017, the proceedings in the main hearing were limited to the offense that has now been convicted. ”

But: “The judgment has not become final,” said Justice Spokeswoman Jani to BILD.

Because: “The defendant has appealed, ie in the second instance an appeal chamber of the Berlin Regional Court has to decide on the case. I can’t tell you when that will be; experience has shown that it will take at least a few months before the case is renegotiated. “

Serious setback for ZDF commissioner Karim Günes (35) in court.  He has now been convicted of assault

Serious setback for ZDF commissioner Karim Günes in court. He has now been convicted of assaultFoto: Agency People Image

According to BILD information, two other ex-girlfriends joined Krista Tcherneva. The proceedings of the other two women, however, have been dropped.

What does Krista Tcherneva say about the condemnation of her ex-boyfriend?

Her Berlin lawyer Ulli Boldt said in response to a BILD request: “Krista Tcherneva wanted to show that as a woman, you don’t have to accept everything. For them, the matter of conviction is over. It is also not about harming Karim Günes. Just let him see that what he did is not okay. It was not about money or a conviction. ”

Günes hardly showed any remorse in court. This is one of the reasons why the verdict is said to have been relatively harsh.

Strong woman: actress Krista Tcherneva (& quot; The last meal & quot;) won in court

Strong woman: actress Krista Tcherneva (“The Last Meal”) won in court Photo: Private

Does Karim Günes have a criminal record now?

Boldt to BILD: “You have a previous conviction from 90 daily sentences. And 200 are way over it. Of course, this means he has a criminal record. If he is asked, he has to reveal it. ”And:“ The court turned a ‘dangerous bodily harm’ into a ‘simple bodily harm’. And for that, 200 daily rates are quite a lot. ”

Why? Karim Günes had thrown a PET bottle at Krista Tcherneva.

Boldt: “Then the question was: is the pet bottle a dangerous tool? The court was then of the opinion: May be in individual cases. But not here in this case. So it was just simple assault. But then she was punished relatively harshly with 200 daily rates. ”

Krista Tcherneva’s manager Ingo Nolden (47, Iconic Management) is also proud.

He to BILD: “We support Krista. She did the right thing and made a decisive contribution to the conviction of the wrongdoer. I’m proud of her.”

Karim Günes himself could not be reached for BILD.

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