Mayor appointed for Ibagué

The Government of Tolima through decree 0750 appointed Johana Aranda, current Secretary of Health, as mayor in charge of Ibaguéwhile the effects of the provisions contained in article 106 of Law 136 of 1994, which determines the steps to follow in the event of the suspension of the mayor of a city, are in effect.

Now Governor Ricardo Orozco must request a list of three candidates from the National Directorate of the Conservative Party. to define the person who will be in charge of the Municipal Administration while Mayor Andrés Hurtado is suspended.

In the first instance, the Attorney General’s Office determined the opening of a formal investigation and a three-month suspension for alleged involvement in politics in favor of presidential candidate Federico Gutiérrez.

It must be remembered that on March 13, the day of the elections to the Congress of the Republic and the presidential consultations, the mayor stated that “I identify myself with the Team for Colombiathose who have done, of course, for this country, then there we will be advancing our fundamental right to vote”.

Additionally, the wife of local president Leidy Galeano and her sister, Carolina Hurtado They are actively participating in public campaign events for presidential candidate Federico Gutiérrez.

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