Mayors of the UCR claim a space in the Buenos Aires formula

The 32 communal leaders of radicalism / UCR press participated in the meeting

Mayors of radicalism agreed yesterday on the idea of ​​promoting a man of their own in a future Buenos Aires formula for next year within the Together alliance. It was when they met in Magdalena in the framework of the Forum that brings together the 32 community leaders of the centenary party, a framework in which they analyzed the situation of their districts and the role of the party within Together, facing the next elections in Buenos Aires.

Underlining the numbers of the PASO of 2021, in which the UCR obtained 40 percent of the votes of that internal, the mayors insisted on the idea that the centenary party has a “much more leading” role in the 2023 contest. . They even launched that radicalism should have its own candidate for governor and that he “should be a mayor.”

With these definitions, the group also scheduled an upcoming call to its PRO partners, to once again constitute the forum of Buenos Aires mayors of Together. “We believe it is important to listen to what they have to say,” they said yesterday, with the idea that, amalgamated, the sum of opposing districts adds strength in the dialogue with the Province.

The mayor of Trenque Lauquen, Miguel Fernández, president of the forum, defined the group’s proposal that the community chiefs of the party be the ones who contribute the political volume to the next electoral chapter, within the framework of the relationship with the PRO. “We want the next governor to be a mayor,” he said.

The host of the meeting was the Magdalense Gonzalo Peluso, who, in dialogue with EL DIA, evaluated the need to add wills with his yellow peers. He also projected the idea that he shares with his co-religionists: “This time we do not want to be an electoral coalition but a government coalition”, when defining the role they seek to give the party within the scheme of the opposition alliance.

Along these lines, they debated a series of aspects related to the problems that the Province is going through and proposals that they are studying to raise on the 2023 platform, in which they warn about the need to address a plan for the reality of the Greater Buenos Aires and another, to deal with the problems of the interior regions.


In another passage of the conclave, the mayors analyzed the situation of their districts, regarding the proposals they have been making to the provincial government, due to the delay in the payment of concepts that date back to 2020.

These are the debts that this group of community chiefs have been claiming from the governor, Axel Kicillof, for the benefits of IOMA in its municipal hospitals, for pension advances due to delays in retirement from the Social Security Institute (IPS) and delays in the transfer of the Municipal Infrastructure Fund (FIM), for road works in the districts.

The central concern is that these funds have different levels of arrears that, at the time of payment by the Province, are liquidated due to the evolution of inflation. As indicated, it is expected that this month debts corresponding to 2020 will be deposited and in September, those of 2021.

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