MB14 (The Voice All-Stars) : "I don’t wanna think of myself as just a beatboxer anymore"

Unhappy finalist in 2016, MB 14 is once again the outsider of the final of The Voice All-Stars, this Saturday, October 23 on TF1. Before the big night, the young man confided in TV-Leisure.

And if it was him ? What if MB 14 was the voice of all voices? This Saturday, October 23, 2021, the most famous beat boxer of the TF1 singing competition will give everything to win the final of The Voice All-Stars. Coached by Florent Pagny, Mohammed Belkhir wants to surprise again on the mythical “Show Must Go On“by Queen. Five years after his final lost to Slimane in 2016, the multi-talented artist confided in TV-Leisure on this upcoming final, his relationship to his voice and his many projects to come. Maintenance.

Télé-Loisirs: Be a finalist of The Voice All-Stars is it a source of pride?

MB 14 : I really wanted to go to the final. The Voice it is the biggest singing competition in France. During my season in 2016, I reached the final. At the time, I was the outsider, the beat boxer who sang a little. It was a surprise for me to reach the final, I didn’t think I would be able to. When I was offered The Voice All-Stars, although I hesitated at first, when I said yes, I went for it. I didn’t want to do worse than the final, for a question of ego, but also to prove myself personal things, to reassure myself. It’s such a great adventure, despite the stress and pressure, that to relive it is exceptional.

You finished second in 2016. Are you aiming for the final on Saturday night?

If I can win it’s even better (he smiles). But I’m happy to be in the final. That was my goal, to tell myself that I’m in the bottom six, that’s great. In The Voice, there are a lot of factors that we cannot control… I will try to do my best. I want to do a good performance because in the end, that’s what remains. Five years after my first blind audition, I am still being stopped in the street to tell me about it. It’s a sick thing. The video was viewed over 83 million times on YouTube when… So sure, be crowned The Voice That would be crazy, I especially want to do a nice last performance and be proud of myself.

With The Voice All-Stars you went from beat boxer to a singer with multiple possibilities. Do you see the public gaze changing on you?

Of course, but it has changed, because I myself have changed my outlook on myself. When I arrived in The Voice in 2016 my thing was the beat box. Five years later, I grew up, evolved, the beat box remains one of my passions, but I no longer want to restrict myself to that, I want to focus on something else like cinema and the opera.

What has changed in five years in your relationship to your voice?

When I agreed to participate in The Voice in November, I was in discussion with the producer of the film Tenor (to be released next year). For this film, I had to take operatic singing lessons 2-3 times a week for a month and a half. It unblocked me a lot vocally. Before I was in the head voice a lot, there I discovered the depth of my chest voice. Having worked on this film opened up new horizons for me. Now I listen to opera almost every day. I don’t want to think of myself as just a beat boxer anymore, it limited me artistically. I want to use all my possibilities today so as not to lock myself in a register.

What are your plans after The Voice All-Stars ?

I’m working on an urban / hip-hop / rap album that I hope to release in the coming months. Something very current. There will also be the release of the film Tenor in 2022 (either in June or in October / November). I would also like to record an opera album to accompany the release of the opera film.

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