Media: Dortmund’s record price tag for Bellingham

In the past transfer window, those responsible at Borussia Dortmund categorically ruled out the sale of Jude Bellingham. That may change next year. The 19-year-old’s contract with BVB will then run for another two years and interested parties are already queuing up.

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The poker for Bellingham is open, but what are Dortmund up to? According to ‘The Athletic’, those responsible plan to present their star player with a new contract. Contrary to previous reports, this should not only increase the salary of the Englishman, but also extend the term of the working paper.

The sports website also reports, citing a source within the club, that those responsible for BVB will by no means accept a departure from Bellingham in the summer of 2023.

Dortmund record sale?

Should Bellingham reject the extension offer and instead force a transfer, BVB have a clear price tag in mind. The club wants to see 150 million euros for the right foot. Dortmund would not move away from this in future negotiations, which would make the midfielder the club’s record sale.

The question remains who is willing to pay this fee. According to The Athletic, Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, Manchester United, Manchester City and Real Madrid are all showing strong interest in Bellingham. So the 19-year-old is spoiled for choice.

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