Media: FIFA Wanted To Double License Cost And Limit EA Monetization

Edition The New York Times released an article about the reasons for the discord between FIFA and SHE, which seems to lead to a change in the name of the game series.

The bone of contention was the ubiquitous money – FIFA wanted to roughly double the cost of its license. Then EA would have to pay the organization about $ 1 billion every four years. At the moment, the cost of the license agreement is $ 150 million per year.

In addition, FIFA hoped to limit the monetization of studio projects outside of the games themselves, but representatives of EA insisted that developers should be able to make money on video game tournaments, digital products and the like.

Negotiations on the extension of the contract had been going on for at least two years, but they reached an impasse. The final decision will be made by the end of the year, but representatives of EA are already planning the future outside of FIFA with might and main. In particular, new trademarks have recently been registered.

In addition, EA will have agreements in its hands that allow the use of real football clubs and player appearances. In turn, FIFA allowed EA to use the rights to the name, logo of the organization and the FIFA World Cup itself. It is likely that if the name of the game changes, the championships inside it will simply undergo slight changes.

FIFA sales worldwide have exceeded $ 20 billion over the past two decades. At the same time, according to analysts, EA earned $ 1.2 billion over the past year from in-game purchases alone.

Sources note that FIFA representatives have been considering selling licenses to video games and firms not directly related to sports for some time.

It is possible that such a plan is dictated by the desire of the President of FIFA to increase the frequency of the World Cup from four to two years. In addition, the organization wants to raise an additional $ 2 billion to create an expanded version of the Club Championship.

In theory, this means that if the deal between FIFA and EA is broken, the first one can enter into an agreement with Epic Games and other similar firms. This will provide a wider audience coverage, which is probably what FIFA is counting on.

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