Medical deserts: the AMF indicates that mayors are increasingly tempted by coercive measures

“But we can clearly see that we must be proactive if we want solutions to a deteriorating situation”, explains Frédéric Chéreau, mayor of Douai, on Tuesday.

The Association of Mayors of France (AMF) assured this Wednesday that local elected officials were more and more tempted by coercive measures to attract doctors and fight against medical deserts in order to respond to “the distress of their citizens” .

“By dint of noting the distress of their constituents, mayors on all sides are more and more ready for fairly proactive solutions”, said Frédéric Chéreau, mayor of Douai, co-chairman of the AMF health commission. , during a press conference.

“15% of French people no longer have a doctor”

“This is a subject we discuss a lot and I have seen the lines move at the AMF”, he underlined, alluding to “freedom of installation” which allows doctors to choose the place where he wishes to practice professionally and which many elected officials wish to eliminate or at least reduce to fight against medical deserts.

“A few years ago, there was rather a consensus within the AMF to say no, not too many constraints,” he recalled. “But today, constraint is one of the subjects that mayors are talking about more and more”, he added, specifying that “15% of French people no longer have a doctor”.

“It’s probably not the perfect solution. But we can see that we have to be proactive if we want solutions to a deteriorating situation,” added the AMF manager, convinced that mayors can “to seize today the subject of health with a strong feeling of legitimacy”.

Mayors do not have the power to put an end to freedom of residence, but many of them try to attract doctors by making surgeries and accommodation available to them, measures that do not necessarily succeed in finding candidates to replace retiring doctors.

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