Medium reveals Magda Rodríguez’s reaction to Andrea Escalona’s pregnancy

The pregnancy of Andrea Escalona generated a stir on social networks, in the same way the driver already published her first pregnant photograph that was filled with messages of affection and congratulations, however the one of the medium Zulema Arroyo, who revealed the reaction of the deceased Magna Rodriguezmother of the famous.

In The Truth News We have announced that the host Andrea Escalona revealed her pregnancy in the “Hoy” program, generating a lot of emotion among her colleagues and viewers.

With the news, Andrea revealed her emotion and took the opportunity to remember and thank her mother, the late producer Magda Rodríguez, because she knew her great dream of being a mother.

Magda Rodríguez would be happy with Andrea’s pregnancy

Magda Rodriguez and Andrea Rodriguez

Magda Rodríguez passed away unexpectedly in November 2020.

The medium Zulema Arroyo revealed what Magda Rodríguez’s reaction was to Andrea Escalona’s pregnancy and said that she had already spoken with the driver about the event.

“Everyone can already know that when we met in May, a few weeks ago, the first thing your mother said to me was ‘my grandson, my grandson, my grandson’ Validating that she is going to be a grandmother from the other side, It was wonderful”.

Similarly, the so-called “Latin Medium” asked the driver to tell the story to her followers, although Andrea has not made any statements about it.

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Andrea Escalona and her pregnancy

Through her social networks, the driver Andrea Escalona dedicated some emotional words to her baby, who promised to be a great mother:

“Every day I wake up with the illusion of being a better person to be able to give you a good example, you make me feel that I can do anything and you injected me with a certainty that I had lost, forgotten or perhaps never had. A joy of knowing that you exist and you are there, I LOVE YOU without even knowing you with all my heart”.

Similarly Andrea Escalona thanked his mother Magna Rodriguez Well, she said she’s sure she sent it to him.

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