Meet ‘Bob Marley’, who repairs kitchens and televisions in Chorrillos

Peruvian who is respected. His eccentric rasta hair, reminiscent of Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley, and that somewhat strange accent cause curiosity among people who watch Fabricio Espinoza Olaya (41) repair electrical appliances in his technical service workshop in a neighborhood of Chorrillos, but Far from being bothered by those prying eyes, he answers with a smile.

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A follower of Rastafarian culture, Espinoza is an Ecuadorian musician who has lived in our country for more than ten years. While preparing a new album, the artist who calls himself ‘Marcus Black’ makes a living repairing and maintaining kitchens, refrigerators, blenders, irons, stereos, LED televisions and even laptops.

Neighbors affectionately call ‘Bob Marley’ an Ecuadorian musician

“The neighbors call me Rasta and even Bob Marley, they are respectful and I value that. I feel very comfortable in Peru, I love this country, which has allowed me to spread my music and also work. Living here for so long, I have managed to meet great friends and enjoy their delicious food, I love the ceviche, the chicken rice and the purple mazamorra”account very happy.

A native of Guayaquil, he came to Peru with the intention of spreading reggae music and supporting new talent from Lima and the provinces. From his production company Panama International he has managed to record national artists from San Juan de Lurigancho, Chorrillos, Huancayo and Ica. “There is a lot of talent here, the only thing missing is for the authorities to support”commented.

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know that

  • You can learn a little more about the music of this artist by visiting his Facebook account (@Marcus BLACK)
  • You can find their latest hit They Want to Kill Us on Youtube


‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ looks for his ship the ‘Perla Negra’ in Callao

Young man plays 'Jack Sparrow' in Callao
Young man plays ‘Jack Sparrow’ in Callao

Peruvian who is respected. The feared pirate ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ walks through the streets of El Callao, ready to recover his ship ‘La Perla Negra’. Dressed in his buccaneer suit and various ornaments that hang in his hair, the actor Juan Andrés Gómez (39) has aroused the curiosity of passers-by and drivers on one of the main avenues of the First Port due to his great resemblance to the protagonist of the movie Pirates from the Caribbean, who is played by actor Johnny Depp.

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trome located this national talent, after a video of him went viral on Facebook and TikTok when he performed one of his routines, imitating the corsair’s gestures and way of walking. Many users highlighted Gómez’s ability to characterize himself as ‘Jack Sparrow’: “His gestures are identical to the actor, he deserves to be collaborated with”, “He is a talent that deserves to be on television”; and, others joked: “Johnny Depp-village” and “Captain Jack Cartavios”.

“I do not ask for alms, as many people believe. I am a street artist, just like the jugglers, who put on a theatrical show, which is fast and funny. Now that everyone is talking about Jhonny Depp for a legal issue, I am introducing myself as Jack Sparrow. I’ve been lucky that people have responded positively to imitation.”explains the artist.

Actor, poet and cultural promoter, Gómez studied at the National Higher School of Dramatic Art, where he learned about classic playwrights such as: Shakespeare, Calderón de la Barca, Lope de Vega, among others. But his curiosity led him to imitate Charles Chaplin, a character with which he has been recognized countless times. During the pandemic, his talent led him to imitate the feared Chucky, Freddy Krueger, Master Yoda, Popeye and Frieza from Dragon Ball, among other animated characters.

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know that

  • Gómez has written the collections of poems: “Posthumous Dialogues” (2014), “Journey to Ítaca” (2015) “Puerto de Letras. Poets of Callao in the Bicentennial” (2021)
  • You can contact him from his Facebook page (@chuckydelcallao)

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