Meet Cute: what is this film that mixes romance and time travel worth?

After being the friendly neighbor in The Big Bang Theorythen the alcoholic stewardess in The Flight Attendant, Kaley Cuoco continues with a timeless romance in Meet Cute. This film, available on Prime Video since November 25, mixes many themes. Dealing with both time travel and time loops, while being a light-hearted romantic comedy, it also offers a very serious commentary on the depression and chaos that romantic relationships can be. This feature film thus tells the story of Sheila (Kaley Cuoco), who keeps reliving her first date with Gary (pete davidson). Nevertheless, we discover from the beginning that she is not stuck in a time loop because it is she, in reality, who decides to travel in time thanks to a machine in order to reproduce this evening indefinitely with the one she is. convinced that he is the man of her dreams. But Meet Cute is it really worth the detour?

Meet Cute : a promising start that does not hold over time

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From the start, the scene is set because Sheila reveals to Gary that she has traveled back in time and that this is not their first date. If it surprised us that the heroine announced it from the start, in the end, it allowed the plot to waste no time and immerse us immediately in this story. We therefore follow with pleasure the beginnings of this romance, while being intrigued. How did she come to time travel? Why does she do it? And above all, why relive this meeting with Gary over and over again? This is where we realize that Sheila has a lot of emotional problems and that if she doesn’t feel like she’s having a perfect meeting from A to Z, it won’t be able to work afterwards. Not going well in her daily life, she also thinks that this moment with Gary, just this ideal night, is her only moment of happiness. If we learn a few snippets of Sheila’s life, unfortunately the accelerated pace of the film prevents us from deepening enough of her personal story. We have few details about her and it’s a shame because it would allow us to better understand some of her reactions. Because, there, the real problems with which it is confronted, resemble more barely touched emotions than real emotional problems.

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Kaley Cuoco saves the movie Meet Cute

And despite Sheila’s touches of humor and madness, the film’s purpose is deeper than a simple romantic comedy because it shows that the heroine vacillates between romanticism and obsession. But once again, it’s not finished and that confuses us more than anything else. If this start of Meet Cute turned out to be promising, it ultimately did not last. Constantly reliving the same appointment, even if there are changes, we end up finding it repetitive and boring. However, this novelty can count on Kaley Cuoco to save it all. She is the real star of this feature film! The actress manages to find a happy medium between charm, humor (which manifests itself as a defense mechanism) and suffering. The pain her character feels becomes more and more palpable with each scene and culminates in the revelation of what she was planning to do before discovering her time machine. Opposite her, Pete Davidson lacks charisma and strength. Good in comic moments, he nevertheless does not convey to us the ambivalent emotions of his character. Especially since we do not feel the chemistry of this couple, while the film is based on it. Whether Meet Cute has potential, he seems to want to force things and has trouble keeping us focused until the end.

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