Meet Jonathan Morante: The collector of ‘Knights of the Zodiac’ pieces from Comas

STORIES THAT INSPIRE. Jonathan Morante (36) has two facets in his life: the doctor and the collector of action figures and the ‘Knights of the Zodiac’. This father of two children shows us the more than two thousand pieces of his collection, and explains why he became a medical technologist in the laboratory area.

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Jonathan and his family watching the ‘Knights of the Zodiac’ slot machine. (Photo: Violeta Ayasta)

How do you start being a collector?

As a child I loved the ‘Knights of the Zodiac’. So once I went to a convention where they were selling scale-sized characters. I was able to recognize that some of them I had in childhood. I said to myself: Maybe it’s a good time to buy them. That’s how I started, recovering the ones I had as a kid and buying some nostalgic ones. Now it is already a great collection.

How many objects do you have?

Like more than two thousand.

Part of Jonathan Morante's 'Knights of the Zodiac' figurine collection.  (Photo: Violeta Ayasta)
Part of Jonathan Morante’s ‘Knights of the Zodiac’ figurine collection. (Photo: Violeta Ayasta)

Which is the most nostalgic?

The first I had. He gave it to me . He knew I liked it, so he surprised me with a cutout of an Aries Knight doll, which is exactly my zodiac sign.

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Which is the most expensive?

I bought a . It cost me a lot, but it’s worth it. Every time someone comes they are amazed.

Do they visit you a lot to see the collection?

My friends, yes. Especially those who like fantasy.

You are also a lab technician, tell me how you chose that career…

As a child he was asthmatic. I was hospitalized and the doctors and nurses inspired me. At 13, my mother encouraged me to take a course with the firefighters, there they taught me how to attend to people in an emergency situation. At 14, I was in a Red Cross workshop where they taught me something more advanced (such as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, how to care for someone who has fainted), and at 15, at the center for medical students at the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos , they taught me how to give injectables. By the time I got out of school, I already knew what to do. I am a medical technologist in the clinical laboratory area.

Jonathan Morante working in a laboratory.  (Photo: Violeta Ayasta)
Jonathan Morante working in a laboratory. (Photo: Violeta Ayasta)

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What is your vocation?

Being both a collector and a laboratory worker.


On the one hand, I have always wanted to help people and now I do it knowing the origin of their illnesses. On the other hand, being a collector reminds me of the lessons I grew up with watching ‘Knights of the Zodiac’.

Which were?

Each gentleman comes with a life behind, we can see who they were and why they are what they are. There is always a life experience behind each episode, which I have highly valued.

Jonathan Morante with his family and collection.  (Photo: Violeta Ayasta)
Jonathan Morante with his family and collection. (Photo: Violeta Ayasta)

Do your kids like it too?

They love. Every time a box from the collection comes, the three of us open it. They like to play with the characters and learn about them. It makes me very happy.


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