Meet the dancing goalkeeper who steals the show in pichangas of Villa El Salvador

On a soccer field Villa El Salvador we found Australian goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne (who moved like an octopus in the goal to distract the Peruvian soccer players), but before they began to claim something from him, we realized that it was not him, but It was about Pedro Asencios Vásquez, the little clown Pitolino, who was doing a parody of this character.

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That changed everything and the residents of the area began to laugh out loud at his occurrences and applaud his great talent. This artist has been painting his face for almost 20 years and proudly wearing a red nose.

You are the archer most hated by Peruvians.

LOL. Nope! I do the parody of the Australian goalkeeper and people have fun with my jokes. This character fits me perfectly because when I play soccer I cover the goal, I’m crazy and I don’t have hair (laughs). I think that’s why it comes more naturally to me. People who saw me in the circus with this skit laughed out loud.

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How did you get a taste for this art?

When I was studying at the Carmelitas school in Villa María del Triunfo we did social work and since they needed a person to animate the events, they chose me because I liked to dance and act.

It all started there…

Sure, then I went to a baby shower and on my promotion trip I painted myself as a clown. I am the first ‘litter’ of clowns in my family, I think my legacy will continue because my children also have the artistic vein (laughs).

This resident of Villa El Salvador has been painting his face and wearing a red nose for almost 20 years. Photos: Jessica Vicente / Trome.

A clown for you is…

A beautiful profession is to have a different connection with others, it is to forget your problems when you are on stage and continue.

There are people who do not consider it a profession, what do you think?

It bothers me when they treat the clown in a pejorative way. For example, I have taken courses and now I teach them too. My experience supports me, I have almost 20 years in this world. In addition, I always worry about my costumes and makeup, as well as offering a quality show.

He is just like the Australian goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne.  Photos: Jessica Vicente / Trome.
He is just like the Australian goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne. Photos: Jessica Vicente / Trome.

They gave you the title of the best circus clown…

Yes, it was a great recognition of my work. Each year, at the end of the circus season, the clown who presented the best performance is chosen. This year it was my turn (he says excitedly).

Why Pitolino?

That name was given to me by my daughter. He used to call me Pastelito, but when I traveled to Mexico to do a show they told me that he had to change his name because the one he had was patented by a Chilean clown. I didn’t know what to wear until my little girl, for calling me ‘pretty daddy’, got ‘Pitolino’ and that was it.

How do they find you?

I’m on Facebook and Instagram as: Pitolino clown.

For him, being a clown is a nice profession, it's having a different connection with others, it's forgetting your problems when you're on stage and moving on.  Photos: Jessica Vicente / Trome.
For him, being a clown is a nice profession, it’s having a different connection with others, it’s forgetting your problems when you’re on stage and moving on. Photos: Jessica Vicente / Trome.


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