Mega event: Huge Rammstein concert in Essen? Is this realistic?

Rammstein is apparently planning a gigantic New Year’s Eve concert. Plan A is Munich, but the city name Essen has also been mentioned. Would that be realistic?

Rammstein: This band stands for hard, loud music and lots of pyrotechnics. On New Year’s Eve, the formation around frontman Till Lindemann apparently wants to play a gigantic concert. As Southgerman newspaper and picture report, this should take place in Munich.

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If Plan A doesn’t work out, according to the SZ, another city is under discussion with Essen. Accordingly, the concert could take place on the premises of the Zeche Zollverein – which of course makes waves in the city.

Rammstein at Zeche Zollverein? EMG declines

Heavy riffs and fireworks? In fact, you can imagine the imposing world heritage including the Doppelbock as a backdrop for a Rammstein concert. Alone: ​​According to media reports, the audience target for their gigantic New Year’s Eve concert including fireworks should be 145,000. “That’s double the Dortmund Westfalenstadion,” says Richard Röhrhoff, Managing Director of Essen Marketing (EMG). Nevertheless, when asked by our editorial staff, he confirmed that an inquiry had been received: “We are looking for an area for December 31 for 150,000 people.”

He does the math: “Two people per square meter – that would be 75,000 square meters.” And that’s not all: there would also be space for logistics, gastronomy and a siding area. “That would be 100,000 square meters,” says Röhrhoff, who adds: “It has the character of the Nürburgring.” That’s why such a huge event in Essen is unthinkable, there simply isn’t a suitable place. In addition, such an event requires a lot of energy, and according to Röhrhoff, it is questionable whether that would be the right signal in times of energy saving.

Zollverein: No Rammstein request received yet

Reports on the planned mega concert were also heard on the Zollverein. Unlike the EMG, the world heritage site itself did not receive a Rammstein request. After the reports in the media, there had already been interested inquiries. Nevertheless, one wonders on the World Heritage site how more than 140,000 people should find space on the site at all. Foundation head Hans-Peter Noll says: “They are welcome to come for a small show, 60 to 70 people, unplugged.”

Such an intimate concert under the double bock would certainly have its charms, the bottom line for a possible concert at the Zollverein means: It will probably not work. And elsewhere in Essen?

On request, the city administration said that, like EMG, an inquiry from the concert organizer had also been received there – “for December 31, 2022. But I can’t confirm the Zollverein location,” says city spokeswoman Silke Lenz about the content. It is therefore a more general request from the organizer. “We played the ball back to the organizer,” said Lenz.

The city of Essen points to a “very, very short preparation time”.

To keep the talks going, the organizers would have to create the basic conditions. According to Lenz, this includes a traffic and safety concept, more detailed information about the stage and a written description of the general conditions. If these points are available, one would objectively deal with a Rammstein concert. As was done a few years ago with an Ed Sheeran concert (which ultimately didn’t take place).

Another difficulty, according to Lenz, in the current case: “This is a very, very short preparation time.” The request was only recently received by the city and there are only a few months until the end of the year. Rammstein’s Plan A is Munich anyway. The concert is to take place there on the Theresienwiese, the location of the Oktoberfest – so with plenty of space.

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