Meghan Markle and Harry still have no place at the coronation

Meghan Markle and Harry still have no place at the coronation

Leaked rehearsals for the upcoming coronation of King Charles III reveal that there is currently no place for Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle in the procession that will follow the King’s coronation at Westminster Abbey.

This revelation from The Times of London follows reports that Harry and Meghan have been invited to the ceremony set to take place on May 6 in the UK capital.

According to the plans, the King’s brother, the Duke of York, has no place in the royal procession, and his daughters, Princesses Beatriz and Eugenia, will not participate either.

Included are the King’s sister The Princess Royal and her husband Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, the newly titled Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, and a few other adult royal cousins.

One person set to join is the Prince and Princess of Wales’s youngest son, Louis, who stole the show at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June last year.

Then, at four years old, she was deemed too young to take part in his funeral procession two months later, with her older siblings Jorge and Carlota becoming the youngest royals to take part in such an event. .

The children of Prince William will have a key place

The children of Kate Middleton and Prince William will ride in a carriage behind King Charles and Queen Camilla following their coronation ceremony on May 6, according to a new report.

Plans have been laid out for the three children of Kate Middleton and Prince William to take part in the carriage ride back to Buckingham Palace following the coronation of their grandfather King Charles, according to a new report.

The Times reports that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are expected to “join their parents” and be on “public display” in a horse-drawn carriage when they leave Westminster Abbey at the end of the ceremony. coronation, which will take place on May 6.

There has even been speculation that 9-year-old Prince George will have a role in the service as second in line to the throne.

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