Meghan’s behavior behind closed doors – the detail revealed

Meghan's behavior behind closed doors - the detail revealed

This is what we didn’t know about Meghan Markle.

Here Meghan Markle & Harry make a comeback – after Megxit

After the commercial: Here Meghan Markle & Harry make a comeback – after Megxit


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No one can have missed the interview Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did with the television profile Oprah Winfrey, where they went on a hard attack against basically all family members whom they also accused of racism. Nowadays it is called “Megixt”.

– There was concern and discussions about how dark Archie’s skin would become. What significance it would have and what it would look like, Meghan said at the time.

The interview was done in 2021 and since then the relationship has been a hot potato.

This week Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a prestigious award for having protested against what is called the “systematic racism” within the royal house.

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Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter, Kerry Kennedy, will present the award on December 6. She praises Meghan and Harry and believes that the couple has protested against what she calls the “systematic racism” within the British royal house.

– I think they did something heroic, says Kerry Kennedy El Confidential.

Meghan’s behavior behind closed doors – the detail revealed

The fact that Harry and Meghan received the award has led to strong reactions.

The political commentator Nils Gardiner, who worked for former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, writes on Twitter:

“Ridiculous to give this award to Meghan and Harry, and a shameless attack on the British monarchy. Meghan and Harry should be stripped of their royal titles immediately and resolutely.”

Most of what we have seen and heard about Meghan Markle in particular has been largely negative.

But now we get to see another side of her – from a close friend.

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Gloria Steinem has been friends with Markle for a long time and last week she opened up about their relationship.

– I’m not an expert, but for me she is a completely different person from the one portrayed in the media. Meghan is smart, funny and very social, says Steinem according to People magazine.

– Maybe it’s the English tabloids that are the problem, she says with a laugh.

Gloria Steinem also reveals in the interview that she lived next door to Meghan Markle in the United States.

– We lived very close to each other in California. But that might not count as close since we were still 45 minutes apart. But we got to know each other then.

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