Melanie Müller – The new guy by my side is …

The Malle star very cuddly – with another man …

In “Celebrity Big Brother” a drama took place between Ballermann singer Melanie Müller (33) and husband Mike Blümer (56). On the show, she revealed that their relationship was in crisis, whereupon Mike was ordered by Sat.1 to be discussed in the celebrity container.

The goal: a clarifying conversation between the married couple. Melanie wanted to save their relationship.

► As a reminder: Melanie poured out her heart in front of the camera. “I think so much about so many things. And I feel sorry for so many things! “During the entire conversation, Mike seemed rather dismissive, kept repeating” Okay “and then reassured Melanie:” I don’t want to make a big deal out of it now. ”

Melanie Müller wept for her marriage in the “Big Brother” container Photo: © SAT.1

Happy family from bygone days - Melanie has two children with Mike Müller: daughter Mia (4) and son Matty (2)

Family happiness from days gone by. Melanie has two children with Mike: daughter Mia (4) and son Matty (2). The couple would actually celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary today: They had said yes on November 24, 2014 in AmericaPhoto: melanie.mueller_offiziell / Instagram

The jungle queen was shaken with tears again and again and was visibly desperate: “I’m sorry that I only thought about work and that it was more and more important to me. I know I ruined a lot with it. ”But Mike stayed cool.

This can be seen in the photos

Even then, the feeling arose that things were no longer going right between the two of them. NOW Melanie was spotted with another man in Berlin.

Photos show how both of them turtle familiarly through the German capital. They leave the Hilton Hotel together and have dinner in the Indian restaurant “Amrit”.

Together they enjoyed Indian food

Melanie and her company enjoy the Indian foodPhoto:

Then take a walk in the direction of the trendy “Newton” bar on Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin-Mitte.

Both seem to have dressed up. Melanie wears a brown coat, high heels and a black handbag in the photos. Your companion is out and about in black trousers, black leather jacket and blue scarf.

In addition, according to BILD information, the duo is said to have been to the Christmas market together in Erfurt this week.

After dinner together, they strolled hand in hand across the Gendarmenmarkt

After dinner together, they strolled hand in hand across the GendarmenmarktPhoto:

Who is the man?

Melanie’s company is the Leipzig businessman Uwe Düppen (60). According to BILD information, Düppen is a trained optician and until a few years ago had a pub in Leipzig called “Optiker”. He is also said to have run a restaurant in Leipzig for some time. According to BILD information, Düppen is an acquaintance of the couple.

Melanie Müller and Uwe Düppen are said to have had a (friendly) relationship for a long time. Funny: After her victory in the jungle camp, Melanie Müller is said to have bought a domestic pig and christened it “Uwe”. The name? No coincidence. She is said to have named it after Düppen.

Both left the Hilton Hotel in Berlin together

Both left the Hilton Hotel in Berlin togetherPhoto:

THAT says Melanie Müller about the photos

What’s going on there? Has Melanie secretly separated from her husband? When asked by BILD, she said: “Before and during ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, Mike and I had our problems. Then I tried everything to save the marriage. But Mike wanted to keep his distance and have time for himself. It was very difficult for me to come to terms with it and it made me sad. I have often been at the end of my emotional strength and still tried. “

Her husband Mike was alone on vacation in the Dominican Republic at this time, with a couple of friends – although this vacation was originally booked for Melanie.

The jungle queen continues: “In the end I stood there alone for the last few weeks, which was very difficult for me. I do not have any strength any more. Good friends who do not want to take advantage of myself stand behind me during this difficult time and are there for me. Fortunately, I have a shoulder to lean on next to my friends at Uwe’s. “

He is the new man in her life. Nevertheless, Müller says: “He’s neither my new partner nor an affair. He comforts me. He’s helping me in a difficult time and I’m grateful for that. “

Only her marriage is now hard to save.

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