Melconian told details of the meeting with Cristina and the networks explode with comments

The economist and former macrista official Carlos Melconian spoke this Saturday about his meeting with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and revealed details of the meeting.

“We were alone for a long time,” he said, detailing that the meeting took place on Wednesday afternoon and remarked that “it was institutional, by the Mediterranean and by IERAL.”

“The Vice President is a person who talks a lot and I suppose, because of her body attitude, that she listens a lot, but what do you want me to tell you? Let’s play it down. You have to give people a chance to change,” Melconian told journalist Marcelo Bonelli , on Radio Miter.

“The institutional was half an hour and the rest of the time was news,” he commented, about the almost three hours that the meeting lasted, in which among other topics they spoke about “bimonetarism, but not dollarization, because the people already decided it “.

From these details, social networks echoed the meeting:

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