Mélenchon’s support for Quatennens: the malaise at LFI pushes deputies out of the ranks

Several rebellious elected officials have distanced themselves from the words of the boss of rebellious France. Enough to consider a change within the movement which was until now always very faithful to its founder.

Did Jean-Luc Mélenchon embarrass his party? The former presidential candidate “saluted the courage and dignity” Sunday of Adrien Quatennens who had just admitted in a statement to having slapped his wife. What push certain deputies to express their disagreement with him – a first in a movement so far very legitimist.

One scene alone sums up the discomfort. This Tuesday morning, journalists question the parliamentary group on this tweet of support. Looks are then exchanged between Mathilde Panot, Clémentine Autain and Danièle Obono. It is finally the latter who speaks, without answering the question.

“The words” of Mélenchon, “not mine”

The sequence illustrates the distancing of the rebellious elected officials from their leader. A few hours earlier, Clémentine Autain had already made another story heard.

“These are his words, not mine”, scolded the deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis in the columns of the Parisian.

MEP Manon Aubry used the same expression on Monday on France newsadding to think that “Jean-Luc Mélenchon felt a little betrayed by Adrien Quatennens”, to justify the reaction of the former presidential candidate.

Proof of the embarrassment within the party: not a single one of the 75 rebellious deputies retweeted the words of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Only the deputy of Paris, Sophia Chikirou, very close to the former presidential candidate, adopted the same tone on the social network.

“A minimization of the facts committed”

The boss of rebellious France may try to catch up for a few hours, explaining that he is not “indifferent” to his wife, recalling that a “slap is unacceptable in any case”, the damage seems to be done.

It was Pascale Martin, LFI deputy for Dordogne, who was the first to raise her voice on Monday afternoon, denouncing “tweets which reveal a minimization of the facts that have been committed and a lack of knowledge of the reality of domestic violence”. Élise Leboucher, rebellious MP for Sarthe, also “supported” her colleague’s press release.

“It is not insignificant that those who take the opposite view of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s remarks are new deputies who do not have a privileged link with him. When you were already there under the previous term of office, there is a side to life and death with him”, deciphers an elected environmentalist with BFMTV.com.

Rethinking the “places” of “decision”

Rather than express their disagreement with the words of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a small group of deputies decides to work on a press release, after the announcement of the withdrawal of the deputy. It is also on this text that Manon Aubry relied on Monday.

“We wrote three things. The first is that the movement takes note of the withdrawal of Adrien Quatennens. Second, it recalls that the fight against gender-based and sexual violence is the linchpin of our movement and our political fight “, explained the MEP at the microphone of France news.

Clémentine Autain can say for her part that she had a hollow nose. At the end of August, the elected representative of Seine-Saint-Denis regretted that within the party “the places of decision-making remain unclear”, pointing to the “limits of the gaseous”.

Can the announcement of his withdrawal from “parliamentary work” by Danièle Obono on BFMTV this Tuesday evening reduce the pressure within rebellious France? Another case could take over: the one targeting Julien Bayou. Sandrine Rousseau spoke on Monday evening of facts “of a nature to break the moral health of women”. Europe-Ecology-The Greens acknowledged that an internal investigation had been open since July.

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