Melissa Klug after reconciliation between Samahara and Youna: “There is no balance in the desire”

HOW STRONG. Melissa Klug used his social networks, Instagram specifically, to send a strong message after the reconciliation of her daughter, Samahara Lobatón, with Youna, the father of her only granddaughter. Magaly Tv La Firme shared the stories of the chalaca and gave several recommendations to the daughter of Abel Lobaton.

“We have always realized that she is the one who uploads the stories, he was always denying her … she always said we are trying, but he always said ‘no’”Commented the popular businesswoman and influencer.

In that sense, he assured that Youna was never to the liking of Melissa Klug and that the chalaca said it in her program, although she refused to give further comments because she wanted to continue seeing her granddaughter.

Thus, he shared some stories that the ‘blanca de chucuito’ published, in a possible reference to Samahara Lobatón’s decision to return to the barber, whom he denounced several months ago for family violence.

“Signs that this person is not for you. Your insecurities come up constantly, you do not feel the security of being able to speak things without the other person getting angry. He tells you some things but does others, he justifies all his attitudes with excuses. Your interest is intermittent, you feel like he only looks for you when he has no other optionYou don’t feel it real As soon as he asks you about your things, you usually pull the car in conversations, wrote Melissa Klug.

“There is no balance in the desire. You always feel that you are the one who gives more, who really makes him want. You have the feeling that if you disappeared from his life, he would not care. The situation is fraught with so much uncertainty that it causes you anxiety. The person who is for you will make it simple, will feel like it, will transmit peace to you”, He continued.

While reading Melissa Klug’s post, Magaly Medina commented that Samahara Lobatón is a very young girl and that she is hooked on her relationship with Youna. “I do not notice a communion between the two,” said the magpie.

In that sense, he recommended that ‘living in fear is not living’ and that the barber is not a person who does him good.

TROME - Melissa Klug and her strong message after reconciliation between Samahara and Youna:
Chalaca shared a forceful message on his Instagram stories, the same one that would be directed to his daughter, Samahara Lobatón.

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