Melissa Klug and her response to a follower who asked her if she is trying to have a child with Jesús Barco

After completing two years of relationship, Melissa Klug and Jesús Barco celebrated with romantic messages on social networks. Now, the businesswoman decided to get closer to her followers and answered some questions from her fans.

One of the questions that Melissa Klug was encouraged to answer was if she was trying to have “another cocky” with the young soccer player who currently plays for the Sport Boys del Callao club. Her response surprised many.

“Are they already trying to have another cocky with (Jesus) Barco?”was the question Melissa Klug was asked on Instagram. “Yes”replied the businesswoman, accompanying her brief message with a smiling emoji with heart eyes.

Melissa Klug answered some questions from her followers on social networks. (Photo: Instagram)

As you remember, Melissa Klug and the soccer player Jesús Barco got engaged on September 17, 2021, one year after starting their relationship. They made their commitment official through their social networks.

In complicity with the daughters of Melissa Klug, Jesús Barco managed to surprise the popular “blanca de Chucuito” by asking her to marry him on their anniversary day. For this, he decorated her house with sweet details such as heart balloons and the phrase “Marry me” (Marry me).

It should be noted that throughout 2022, the couple has been consulted repeatedly about the date of their marriage; however, they have ruled out that it will be held this year because they still have goals to meet. Their wedding is expected to take place in 2023.

Brunella Horna lashes out at Melissa Klug for calling her ‘toxic’

Brunella Horna lashes out at Melissa Klug for calling her 'toxic':
Melissa Klug and Brunella Horna launched several hints after they admitted that both have dreamed that their respective partners, Jesús Barco and Richard Acuña, were unfaithful to them. Brunella claimed that she woke up upset and Melissa Klug called her “toxic.” Fact that she did not like the model and she lashed out at the businesswoman. “But I don’t want to throw myself off the balcony.” (Source: America TV)

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