Melissa Klug lives an uncomfortable moment with Brunella Horna LIVE by Jesús Barco: “Everyone for their own”

Melissa Klüg returned from her early honeymoon with jesus boat in Thailand and ‘America Today’ invited her to tell about her travel experience. However, she lived a small argument with Brunella Hornawho asked her a question that annoyed her.

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“This year, where are you going to play?” asked the ‘blonde’. “You have to ask him, he will surely appear on some sports channel because show business is not his business. He is sporty (Does it bother you that I ask you) It doesn’t bother me, but you have to ask a channel that is from his career ”replied the influencer.

In the same way, she indicated that she prefers to talk only about her world, the show. “I can’t tell you, you have to ask him, but on a channel that is in his field. We are show business. I can’t speak about where he’s going to play. Don’t take it the wrong way, each for his own. He is an athlete and an athlete channel will come out where he is going to play ”he added.


Melissa Klug denies paying for her trip to Thailand

The businesswoman answered in ‘America today’ through an interview via the Internet about her trip to Thailand, where she toured exotic settings. In addition, she stressed that it was a gift from Jesús Barco for their two years of relationship.

“This was a gift that Jesus gave me for our two-year anniversary, That was in September, he already had the tickets bought and everything. I have not spent a single sun, everything was a gift from Jesus… You can savehe explained.


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