Melissa Klug on Jazmín Pinedo: “The matriarch is Magaly, she has been doing journalism for years”

Melissa Klug was encouraged to give her opinion on Jazmín Pinedo’s media fight with Magaly Medina, after the interview with the father of her children, Jefferson Farfán. The chalaca stood up for the ‘magpie’ and said that she ‘she is the matriarch of journalism’.

Let us remember that Jazmín Pinedo said that “she was a friend of Jefferson Farfán for many years,” and accused Magaly Medina of being “retrograde, racist and even a liar.”

In this regard, Melissa Klug indicated that Magaly Medina is the one who has been doing journalism for years, in the midst of this media confrontation that has divided the Peruvian show business.

“The truth is that I don’t get involved in those lawsuits, I don’t know how he was interviewed, because I saw the interview in parts… I’m not a journalist to know how you should question him, but here, ”, Melissa Klug told Trome.

Jazmín Pinedo responds to Magaly Medina 1

Jazmín Pinedo surprised more than one a few minutes after the “More Shows” program after Magaly Medina harshly criticized her for her interview with Jefferson Farfán, in which she compared her to a gift and told her to “remove the tie.” .

More information: Magaly says that Jazmín Pinedo seemed like “a gift” in an interview with Farfán: “Take off the tie”

Magaly Medina said that Jazmín Pinedo believed that she was on a romantic date in the interview with Foquita, and then mentioned that she was ashamed of her behavior. “I am ashamed, such a young woman is not valued. She saw Farfán and said ‘This man is mine’, Magpie pointed out.

In this regard, Jazmín Pinedo spoke for several minutes and described Magaly Medina as a “huachafa” person, “macho” and even asked institutions for help to stop her “racist” comments.

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