Melissa Klug started treatment to have a daughter with Jesús Barco: “I’m going to give her princess”

IS INSURED. Melissa Klug spoke with La Fe de Cuto de Trome and provided details of the treatment she undergoes to become a mother again, this time with Jesús Barco, with whom she is engaged.

According to the popular ‘blanca de Chucuito’, it is about cryopreservation, an alternative that has become popular and is used by various celebrities.

“I have frozen my eggs (…) for the day I decide to be a mother, I thaw them and I am a mother again, it is what science is giving us, it is giving us women. Now it is with more studies, they study the embryo”, he stated.

At another time, Melissa Klug revealed that she and Jesús Barco want to have a daughter because there are only men in the soccer player’s family.

Melissa Klug was one of the guests on the “La fe de Cuto” anniversary program and gave details about how she lives the process to become a mother with her current partner Jesús Barco.

“In Jesus’ family they are all men and I want to put the princess. In my house, yes there are women, men and my granddaughter is a woman, so to give her her princess (…) Yes, I would like to have a little daughter”, he stressed.

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