Melissa Lissova makes us dream with her Sailor Moon cosplay

The great anime franchise of sailor Moonis already celebrating more than 30 years being one of the pioneers in the genre, time, since its creator Naoko Takeuchibrought to us the original story of the manga, in which we met Usagi Tsukino, a young high school student, a girl whose life changed from one moment to the next, just like her friends, so let’s take a moment to admire the leader of the Sailors Scouts.

This magical anime series introduces us to a girl with long blonde hair and a unique hairstyle, Usagi Tsukino whom we knew in part of Latin America as Serena, the owner of the silver crystal, who is the center of the plot and became an icon with her emblematic silhouette and personality, as well as with her, the Sailor Scouts, took us to through some of the most epic battles against darkness, in an anime full of transformations and color.

She is Melissa Lissovawhom you might also meet on networks like Foxy Lissa-chan, a beautiful Russian model, who in addition to being a cosplayer, is a big fan of anime and Japanese culture, this beautiful girl has a special charm on camera and is her lethal weapon that brings us some of the most epic cosplay versions we have ever seen, you can find her through her official account as @melissa_lissova, where she has more than 218 thousand followers and a charming personality.

The cosplayer manages to wear an exact replica of the battle uniform of the sailor scoutwith a white short-sleeved blouse with a sailor collar and two white lines, a large red bow that also carries its respective brooch in the center, a navy blue skirt, red knee-high boots and tall white gloves, with red tips , where she obviously does not forget her emblematic hairstyle, with its respective red and round brooches, the lunar tiara and the scepter with the silver crystal.

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