Melissa says that her ‘Activator’ “supports” her, but that they do not share expenses: “My economy and his are different”

CLEAR. In a dialogue with Trome, Melissa Paredes assured that her “Activator” sometimes “supports her” with her Wong purchases, but that they do not share expenses and that each one manages their money independently.

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“We are starting as a couple, I am not going to tell you that when we are going to buy Wong, he tells me ‘I support you’ and I’m not going to say no, you also have to take advantage, it’s part of flirting. My economy and his are differenthe sees his things at home and I see mine here”, he stated.

In addition, she assured that she and Anthony Aranda are a couple, but they do not live together, so the money each earns does not mix. Melissa Paredes emphasized that money is something “very superficial.”

“I don’t live with him, yes, we are boyfriends, my money is mine and his is his, and if he wants to share with me, fine, and if I also want to do the same, it’s our problem and I don’t understand why they focus so much in the money”, he stressed.

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Melissa Paredes on her alleged reduction of status after her divorce

On the other hand, the former host of América Hoy stated that she does not consider that her “status” has changed after separating from ‘Gato’ Cuba

“I come from living on land, I am from Ventanilla. It is not lowering status, for me it is having peace, tranquility, there is nothing more beautiful than feeling good about yourself “he emphasized.


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