Melissa SHOCKED because her Activator is preparing an anniversary surprise for her: “I thought you weren’t going to give me anything”

Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda celebrated their one-year anniversary, the couple shared several videos on social media of their day; However, the one that caught the most attention was that of the model seeing the surprise that her Activator prepared for her.

According to the same contestant of El Gran Show, she did not expect her partner to give her anything because “they were together all day.”

“Oh love, how cute, how beautiful! I thought that he was not going to give me (anything) hahahaha we have been outside all day ”, stated Melissa Paredes in the video. Given this, the Activator was “outraged” and clarified that he had accomplices with him.

TROME - Melissa Paredes and her anniversary

Melissa Paredes and her Activator: “It’s been a beautiful year”

In her social networks, Melissa Paredes remarked that despite all the problems she faced, it was a beautiful year with her partner, in the same way, the Activator said that now they are more together than ever.

“But, so much that they wanted to separate us, they brought us closer together,” he said. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, literally,” added the actress.


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